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Welcome to Inspirational Books, we have access to over 300,000 titles from 2500 different publishers open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. At Inspirational books we aim to equip you with everything you need to empower you to expand in your personal and business life. We aim to bring together the worlds most influential writers to inspire and motivate you to achieve more. Ranging from technical manuals to motivational classics.

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Our aim is to give you the best publishing package and the best personal service which you will find anywhere. Using today’s technology we will bring you the very best in literature from new authors. They have brought us their talent and inspirational writing. We have packaged them using the best technology to give you the very best in reading and visual pleasure.

To publish with us in print on demand form is the most competitive package in the industry. In fact come to us with a quotation from any other publishing source in the world and we will match or beat it.

Why do we do that? It is simple. We believe in giving a chance to authors who would otherwise fall foul of the traditional publishing world. We know that there is a great unsung talent out there with stories to tell, knowledge to impart and recognition to be earned. Should you have interest in gambling we recommend best casino gambling book – click hereĀ  – “Gamblers Fight back”) with section about roulette strategy.

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If your work is fiction or fact, prose or poetry, submit it to us at Inspirational Books and we will give you a free appraisal and, if you decide to publish with us, world-wide exposure from a professional team with the experience to make your words and work noticed and appreciated.

Take our free book offers, but remember it is your words we want. So far we have had them from Canada, Australia, Egypt, the USA, the United Kingdom. Israel and Italy. We can compile audio books, we provide traditional publishing and much more. In fact we could write a book about it, but we leave that to you.

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Our experience also means we can help you as literary agents. Whether we publish your work or not we can market you effectively to our many contacts and distributors. We don’t guarantee to make you a bestseller but we guarantee to give you the best possible chance.

About Us

White Dove International was born out of our parent company Mediaworld. Mediaworld is headed up by Graham Smith, a journalist and writer for over 30 years. He and his wife, Margaret, are directors of the company which can offer the very best of media and publishing connections. As a journalist he began as a weekly newspaper reporter in the late sixties and has been involved with such a variety of media work that it would probably make a book in its own right, but that’s for another day.

Together they, and a small team of hand picked freelance people, found that there was a tremendous demand for a facility which catered for many people who have written books and been rejected out of hand by the giants of the publishing world. There is a wealth of writing talent in the world whose work will never see the light of day because they don’t have the advantage of a huge marketing budget, celebrity status or good fortune, three factors which are behind most of the best-sellers.

So they decided to offer a service of putting books into e-book form and from that developed an avalanche of demand for print on demand publishing. Not vanity publishing where huge sums are demanded for a small print run of books which never go anywhere further than a local audience, but a serious offer for authors to hit world-wide listings on Amazon, Ingrams and Bol.
But with one unique difference. An ongoing marketing and personal involvement. A real chance to be put before a world-wide audience and a persistent marketing program which makes people notice them.

Our Goals

Our aim is to build an online community of readers, authors, publishers and anyone who has an interest in good books, fictional or factual. On our pages you will be able to talk to the authors of new books, our editorial staff and each other in the Best Books forums. The forum is a joint venture with White Dove International, the company which edits and compiles all of our products.