The Celestine Prophecy

the celestine prophecyAre you confused about how and why things happen in your life? Do you wish you could improve your life and the life of your family? The Celestine Prophecy is a book that changed my life. My hope is that it could do the same for you.

What I Wanted From This Book

When we have trouble in our lives it may seem impossible to understand what is happening. What are the causes and how could we have avoided the current situation. These feelings are even more confusing when events took a positive turn for the better. For me these times made me desire to understand how I could contribute and increase the number of times that were beneficial for my family.

Thanks to some friends I was introduced to the book, The Celestine Prophecy. This book has taught me, step by step how to accept things that I cannot change. It has also led me on the path to be able to recognize signs when amazing and wonderful opportunities are before me. Because of this book I learned how to recognize them. The Celestine Prophecies is the first book, of any genre, that has had real life positive consequences for my life.

The Journey to Understand the Nine Insights

The book takes readers on a journey to under the meaning and use, of nine amazing insights. Each explains the purpose, and mechanics of how things work and how we can improve through understanding and application of the nine insights. As we read each of these insights we begin to see examples, in our every day life, of the meaning of each insight. As we apply the principles behind each insight, amazing changes take place in our lives.

The First Insight

The first insight applies to our lives when we are conscious of coincidences that happen in our lives. Those that understand the wonderful possibilities this portends avoid the restlessness that causes some people to be selfish, controlling and take an attitude that demands they be treated as most important.

The Second Insight

This insight utilizes the awareness we gained from understanding the 1st Insight. It shows us how not to talk about our beliefs but to live them as a model for others. Study of this Insight helps us understand the history of mankind and how we are progressing to a future where spirituality becomes more important in our every day lives.

I wish that there was space to list the other seven Insights but let me assure you, this book will make a lot of things that have happened to you in your life more clear. You will be able to spot amazing opportunities that will lead to better things for you and your family. Your reading this article was meant to happen. It is an example of a coincidence that you must take advantage of if you are serious about self improvement. The Celestine Prophecy is available on Amazon.