Turn Your Dreams Into Action!

turn your dreams into actionTurn Your ”Dreams Into Action: Getting What You Want” by Milton Katselas is an amazingly inspirational book. As the director of countless Broadway productions, and the personal acting coach of many successful actors, Milton Katselas knew his talents could help people in every field, and every position in life.

A wonderfully crafted book, “Dreams Into Action” teaches the reader how to do just that: Turn their dreams into action.

What I loved about this book was how directly it involved itself in my everyday. I found myself yearning to wake up and have that moment of self-discovery that every page allows.

He uses techniques common in most psychology circles in order to identify roadblocks, promote break-through, and encourage growth of your mind, body and spirit. Reading this incredible book allowed me to not only discover the areas in my life that I often hid from the world and myself, but to hit those areas with a big, bright spotlight, and confront those areas with the strength to defeat them.

Unlike most Self-Help books, “Dreams Into Action” helps the reader directly define one’s goals, and then goes a step further to help the reader set up a very practical and realistic plan to achieve those goals. Brilliantly written, Milton Katselas truly relies on his skill from the stage to penetrate the heart of every profession, and every aspect of life.

Coming from that background in theatre, and performing, he is able to emotionally connect to his reader, and encourage a state of calm, trust, and confidence.

Growing up in a broken home, a silent goal I kept for myself was to repair the damaged relationship I had developed with my mother.

A goal I often ran away from.

After reading this manifesto of self-promotion, I was not only able to confront and eliminate the hesitation within myself, but I gained the confidence and courage to really dig deep, and discovery what was at the root of my issue.

Reading “Dreams Into Action” not only taught me how to confront my circumstances, but taught me to conquer my circumstances, as well as the importance of understanding my circumstances.

Very rarely do I truly recommend Self-Help books, or any books in general, really, but “Dreams Into Action: Getting What You Want” by Milton Katselas is an absolute gem.

I am incredibly grateful for the amazing results it’s given me in my life.